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Art Therapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling in South East London  




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James D. West MA 

is an Art Psychotherapist

who is HCPC and BAAT Registered .


If you are interested in Art Therapy Psychotherapy or Counselling, as individual or groupwork, personal therapy, training therapy, supervision, or staff support then contact me here.

Who can make use Art Therapy?

Anyone can make therapeutic use of the visual arts no matter what level of skill or experience you may have.  Art psychotherapy is a mind/body process that connects us with our deeper selves and offers the possibility of reintegration and greater self knowledge.


Art psychotherapy is a state regulated psychodynamic therapy, professionally recognized in the Health, Social Services and Education, which brings together the creative processes of the visual arts and the insights of group and individual psychotherapy.


The visual arts provide a crucible where we can work through and develop many aspects of our psychological lives productively.  The space and time provided in art therapy provides you a place with a wealth of means to re-engage, bring healing and self knowledge.


The Benefit

The  benefit of art therapy is that you are provided with a process of transformation, literally in your hands, using your work as its main focus within a confidential setting and supportive relationship.


Drawing, painting and three dimensional work provide unique opportunities to initiate and develop ideas which can help you develop a fuller sense of self and help resolve conflicts which stand in the way of creative living.


My own creativity is fundamental to me and continually informs me in my practice as a therapist. Do you want to have your creativity at the centre of your life?


I am a BAAT and HCPC state regulated therapist and supervisor with 30 years of art psychotherapy practice working in my own private practice, in the community and in the NHS. I offer group and individual work, supervision and staff support, training and workshops.


Please feel free to contact me to arrange an initial consultation and consider whether art therapy would be a useful way forward for you.


My practice is located in Blackheath, Greenwich, South East London.


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